Level Up Boot Camp for Network Marketers

Coached by Brittany Keller and Valorey Salter

This 4 week intense boot camp will begin on August 22nd.

The boot camp will include

  • network marketing tips, tricks, and proven strategies,
  • branding
  • communicating with cold market
  • when and how to ask for business
  • becoming an authority
  • becoming the hunted
  • and much, much more!!

To sign up click on the image or go to www.workwithvalorey.com

Do you need social media training?

Isn’t it funny how something could be right there, under your nose, and you completely miss it? What if I told you that you were sitting on a goldmine of leads and probably don’t even know it? And there’s a good chance you were on the site today… Instagram is not just for kids!! And who knew it was so darned powerful for lead generation? Powerful enough where 5 to 10 new leads a day can be pulled in…with just 10 MINUTES A DAY!!… How crazy is that?

If I offered a free webinar based social media training, would you attend?

How often do you check Instagram on your phone? Facebook? Twitter? Be honest? More than once a day? More than once an hour? People check their social media all the time. Standing in lines, at restaurants, at the bus stop, on the bus (some even do it in their car :/ Don’t do that)… The point is that this is a massively engaging audience. Are you using it to generate leads? Not sure how? Well this totally FREE training will show you exactly how. To the tune of 150 or more extra leads each and every month. All from your phone. 150 extra leads a month is life-altering. Oh yeah…it’s easy as can be. Anyone can do it. Heck you’re doing it anyway. LOL Click below for this awesome training…